Great History Podcasts

I love history, it enriches one's understanding of the people and events that shape our world.  It adds a sense of meaning, detail and of course drama to the places we visit and the peoples' we meet on our travels.  As St. Augustine says, the world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page, and I believe that the same is true of history.

At school, history had me fighting to stay awake.  Everybody should enjoy history and if they don't, then I suspect the teacher is inadequate or they're not yet at the time of their lives to find such things interesting.  Thankfully, we have the Internet and great guys take the time to record podcasts about the periods of history that they enjoy so much.  Seriously, listening to these podcasts is like sitting on your grandfathers lap and being captivated by his stories of adventure and intrigue - except it's all true (we think)!

These are my favourite history podcasts, all of which are freely available, and I highly recommend that you enjoy all of them:

These guys  have such a passion and depth of knowledge on these incredibly thrilling histories that it's difficult not to be fascinated.  Also, being a traveller, it's given me a long list of places in the world that I would love now to visit simply to see the places and artifacts from these tales of history.  How different to be in a place knowing that, for example, Alexander once marched his Macedonian armies there.  There is more to a place than stardust, but only when you know the world-changing events and people who once did their work there.